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Happy 4th of July Safety Tips

This weekend many of us have time off to celebrate America and what makes our country great. Despite all the negativity we see and hear, we are still very blessed to live in this country. You don’t have to look far to see nations with people who have more poverty, (more) rampant corruption, and less freedom. […]


Protein Diet Myths

Dietary protein has been a topic of question for the last several years. Many individuals struggle to understand what adequate sources of dietary protein are and how much of these sources should be eaten. Protein represents an incredibly important component of a healthy, balanced diet. As such, it’s imperative to understand protein’s role in the […]


Avoiding Diet Myths and a Plant-Based Diet

Diet and nutrition represent two of the most important, and perhaps most confusing elements when it comes to total wellness. The media is constantly flooding the market with next big food to help you lose weight, the newest fad diets, and a host of nutritional supplements that “guarantee” weight loss or other health benefits. Optimal […]


Stress and the Role it Plays in Your Health

It is no secret that stress can play a profound impact on all facets of health and wellness. Whether physical, emotional or relational, when poorly managed, stress can wreak havoc on your life. While life will likely never be without stress, learning to understand and manage stressors can minimize their impact on your health and […]


Interview with Barbara Gustavson

Last month business coach Barbara Gustavson posted an interview we did together for her website Discover Next Step is focused on helping individuals and organizations lead and impact others with clarity, courage, and commitment.  Strategic Living is what Discover Next Step is all about. It was a pleasure to partner with Barbara for this interview, and […]


What is the One Thing to Simplify Your Life

The One Thing How frequently are you on information overload? Between family, kids, work, the phone, e-mail, social media, television and other input, most individuals receive more information than their brain is able to process. Who can focus in the midst of a tornado? Often plagued with distractions from every direction, it can be a […]


Sleep Better Tonight

Most of us know that we should get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night, but about 30-40% of the population in the United States gets, on average, less than 6 hours a night. Being on call in the hospital taught me a lot about the importance of sleep. I am usually an easy-going […]


Live 6 Keys to Total Wellness Seminar

Are you ready to make a significant change in your health? Are you serious about living a healthy lifestyle? Are you tired of exercise fads and yo-yo diets? Start 2015 right with my 6 Keys to Total Wellness program. The full series will be offered FREE for the first time, live at the Atlanta North […]


National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month, so lets look at some tips for improving nutrition in your busy lifestyle. One of my favorite ways to ensure that there is plenty of fresh and nutritious food in my diet is to prepare things ahead of time. Cutting up vegetables or fruit all at once also saves time […]


Resistance Exercise

Resistance exercise, also referred to as strength training, if essential for everyone. Researchers at the Buck Institute for Age Research found that the muscles of older adults were, on average, about 59 percent weaker than those of the younger subjects. There was also a dramatic decline in the capacity of muscle mitochondria to produce energy. […]


Dr. Chris Burton is a physician with specialized training in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He completed the Florida Medical Association Physician Leadership Program, and he takes a special interest on topics such as diet, exercise, musculoskeletal rehabilitation and leadership in healthcare. Chris is an avid proponent of living a healthy lifestyle, and he has a passion for helping others to experience their highest level of physical, mental and emotional health.

Chris is also a John Maxwell certified trainer, which not only provides him with top-notch teaching material from the world’s premier leadership guru, but he also has access to continued coaching and mentoring from Dr. Maxwell and his staff of exceptionally qualified coaches and speakers across the globe.

Chris strives to help individuals who are dissatisfied with the status quo - those individuals and businesses who want to take their goals to the next level. Chris works with leaders, executives, business owners and healthcare providers to meet their most challenging objectives.

If Chris can add value to you, please click here to send him a message.

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